Delivery Information

Shipping is calculated according to the weight of the products you order. The Checkout process will confirm options and cost for your chosen delivery destination, before you are required to specify any payment details and is the preferred way for you to obtain a shipping quote. If your requirements are particular, please get in touch however, we may be able to accommodate circumstances where the automatic cart quotation seem prohibitive (typically for order over 2 kilograms), or erroneous.

Note that you may choose a delivery address different than your billing address at checkout when placing the order, including a different country. The customer is however responsible for entering their address and postcode correctly and for arranging collection from the Post Office or the courier company used for the service if they are not home when the delivery is attempted.

We will notify you when items are returned to us as the Post Office or the courier company has been unable to deliver your parcel. In these circumstances we will be forced to charge you for the Postal element of your order again before we can ship your order back to you.

Shipping is calculated according to the weight of the product(s) you order and is provided using Royal Mail services, or, in some situations, a private courier. You may select the quality of service you wish us to use at checkout. The tax rate applied to the order is based on the delivery address, as per distant selling regulations.

We generally dispatch orders on the next business day, but it may take up to 3 days to process the order is some circumstances. If a longer time period is required we will notify you by email and you may then choose to cancel your order or to wait until all products are back in stock.

Where the case may occur, pre-order payment will be taken against products before release. The money is debited from your credit card is taken at the time the order is placed. The expected delivery date will be clearly indicated and shall not be exceeded by more than 30 days, otherwise we will refund the order as soon as we are aware that this extended deadline for delivery cannot be met.

Where pre-order items are mixed with existing products we will generally wait until the pre-order arrives and then ship the whole of your order together. If you would like existing products to arrive earlier please make a separate order.

UK Shipping:

First Class Standard Post 1-3 working days

Second Class Standard Post 3-5 working days

International Standard service:

Western Europe typically 5-7 working days

Eastern Europe typically 7-10 working days

North America typically 7-10 working days

South America typically 10-12 working days

Africa and Asia typically 10-12 working days

Australia typically 12-15 working days

International Economy service:

Western Europe in up to 2 weeks

Eastern Europe in up to 6 weeks

North America in up to 6 weeks

South America  in up to 8 weeks

Africa and Asia in up to 8 weeks

Australia in up to 12 weeks